Swedish chocolate cake

The Swedish name „Kladdkaka“ means something like „mud cake“. In Scandinavia ingredients are always listed in deciliter (dl)
-> 1 dl = 100 ml!


3 dl sugar
1 tbsp vanilla or 1 package vanilla sugar
4 tbsp soy flour
2 tbsp soy milk
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 banana, mashed
125 g melted margarine, hand-hot
5 tbsp baking cocoa
1.5 dl flour

springform pan (24 or 26 cm), greased + breadcrumbs or grated coconut


50 g margarine
3 tbsp baking cocoa
2 tsp flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 dl soy cream
1 pinch salt


Preheat the oven to 175 °C.

Mix flour, soy flour and cocoa.
Mix sugar, vanilla, soy milk and mashed banana until fluffy/creamy (very important, otherwise the dough falls apart during baking). Add the melted margarine and stir well, add the flour mix and stir again. Put the dough into the prepared pan and bake about 20-25 minutes. DO NOT LEAVE IT TOO LONG! The dough should not be completely baked through.

When the cake has cooled, it can be coated with the glaze:
Melt the margarine in a small saucepan, stir gradually in the other ingredients.
Heat gently, but do not boil.
Cool the glaze briefly, spread on the cooled cake and solidify in the refrigerator.

Cooled the cake tastes best.