10.05: Refugee Bus Tour kommt nach Göttingen

Am 10.05. kommt die Refugee Bus Tour nach Göttingen und es wird einiges los sein im Juzi!

Bei dem Treffen soll Vernetzungsarbeit geleistet werden und das natürlich mit anständigem Essen. Und da kommen wir ins Spiel und sorgen mal wieder für leckeres veganes Essen für alle!

Um 19Uhr gibt es in diesem Rahmen eine außerordentliche Sokü.


We are refugee activists and supporters from Berlin (Oranienplatz protest, occupied Ohlauer School). In April/May we want to do a bus tour through Germany. We plan to travel in three vans (20 people max.) and go to a different place every day. On the tour we want to connect with
– Refugee and migrant collectives
– Anti-fascist & anti-racist groups
– Refugees Welcome groups
– People in Lagers.

We want to talk about:
– The situation of refugees in your area.
– Your political strategies. What do you do?
– What has happened in your area over the last years?
– How is your connection to people inside/outside the Lagers?
– What are your major problems right now (personal/political)?
– How do politicians, news and neighbors react?
– Can we develop a common strategy against new asylum law restrictions,
Lagers and deportation? We want to know your answers and tell you about
the last three years in Berlin. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and

Weitere Informationen rund um die Bus Tour gibts auf: href=“http://oplatz.net/category/bus-tour-2015/“