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2 onions, diced
2-3 cloves of garlic cloves, squeezed
2-4 beetroots (peeled)
0.5-1 kg potatoes
a few carrots
for flavor: pumpkin, zucchini, other vegetables
fresh parsley, dill and marjoram
vegetable stock, salt, pepper


Cut the vegetables into equal- and bite-sized pieces (the smaller the shorter the soup needs to boil). Fry the the onions in oil until translucent, add vegetables and stew for a few minutes. Add garlic. Deglaze with water (the vegetables should be just covered with water). Add some vegetable stock and salt.
Cook until vegetables are soft. Season to taste with stock, salt and pepper. Add a lot of fresh parsley.

Tastes delicious with soy yogurt.



1 cauliflower, cut into small flowers
1 pck tofu (200 g or more), diced
1 onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic, squeezed
1-2 cm ginger, chopped finely
1 tbsp cardamom, grounded
1 tsp grounded cumin
1 tsp curry
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
vegetable stock, salt, some sugar
1 can of coconut milk
2 tbsp tomato concentrate
almondsticks or chopped cashews


Fry the onions in oil until translucent. Sprinkle with the cardamom and roast gently. Add garlic, ginger, spices and tofu. Fry until the tofu is brownish, without burning the spices. Add the cauliflower and deglaze with coconut milk (add a little water if necessary). Add the tomato paste, salt and almonds. Boil until cauliflower is cooked and it has a creamy consistency.

potato dumplings


peeled potatoes, about 2 pounds for 4 people
white bread, diced and roasted
about 120 ml of warm soy milk
salt, nutmeg


Cook a quarter of the potatoes in salted water and mash while still hot. Grate the remaining potatoes very finely. When the potatoes are grated to roughly they fall apart when cooking. Boil a large pot of salted water.
Mix the mashed and grated potatoes, add some salt and nutmeg and mix with the hot soy milk (the dough is quite liquid). If it gets to liquis you can add some semolina.
Shape dumplings and put one toasted bread cube in the middle of each .
Add all the dumplings (at the same time) into the boiling water. Let the water boil one time again then leave the dumplings for about 20min in the hot but not boiling water. (If they get to hot they will fall apart).

vegan trifle

ingredients (for about 6 persons)

vanilla custard powder for 500ml milk
sugar (as given on the custard instruction)
750ml soy milk
250g soft baked goods (puffed wheat breakfast cereal/ sponge cake / biscuits)
500g fruit (frozen or fresh)
75 mL orange juice
1 package soy whipped cream
50 g rolled oats, sugar and margarine or chocolate sprinkles


1. Prepare a pudding (according to package instruction) but with 750ml soy milk (liquid pudding). Let cool (stir every now and then).

2. whip cream
3. dice baked goods (if they are not already)
4. dice fruit (if they are not frozen)
5. mix fruit with orange juice (if they are frozen and it is hot outside: do not defreeze!)
6. caramelize oatmeal with sugar and margarine

7. layer the components:
a. 1/2 of diced baked goods
b. 1/2 of tepid pudding
c. 1/2 of fruits
d. 1/2 of soy cream
e. again (of course just one layer is fine too)
f. decorate with grated chocolate or caramel oatmeal

Notes on the fruit:
a) if you use frozen fruit: Serve immediately, otherwise the trifle gets really liquid
b) if you use fresh fruit: leave for a while in the fridge, because the baked goods will soak up the vanilla pudding

onion tart



flour – 400g for a deep baking tray
yeast – 22g
sugar – 1 tsp
water – about 200ml, tepid
oil with neutral taste – 3 tbsps
salt – some


3kg onions
if you like some zucchini (very thin slices), broccoli, grapes (halved), walnuts, smoked tofu..


1 pck soy or oat cuisine
1 tsp mustard
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
some sugar
salt, pepper
nutmeg, grated


First you make a smooth dough: crumble the yeast into a large bowl, add some sugar and water. Dissolve the yeast by stirring. Wait for some minutes til the yeast starts to expand. Add the rest of the water, the oil and the flour. Knead the dough, the longer the better. It should not end up too dry and not too sticky. Cover and leave the dough for about 1h, at least 30min while you prepare the topping.

If you add (e.g. succini) you should prepare these things aswell.

For the topping: Dice onions and fry in oil on medium heat until brown glazed/translucent, salt at the end.

For the sauce: Pour soy cream in a jug, stir in spices.

Knead the dough again (if it is really sticky, at some flour) and spread the dough on a baking sheet covered with baking paper (pretty thin). Spread onion, sauce (and whatever else) on top of it, bake for about 15-20 minutes at 200 °C or more (depending on oven).